FavoText is a free text editor based on “Scintilla” component, which supports editing file with text and hex format, supports syntax highlighting and auto completion; it also offers many powerful features for Web page authors and programmers.


2016.7.14 v1.3.2

Remove “Project” panel;
Bug Fix:
Fix two crash issues;
Update Scintiall component to 3.6.6
2015.11.23 v1.3.1

Release FavoText Lite version as freeware
Bug Fix:
1. File explorer pannel resize issue;
2. Icon issue for “keyboard” option and “Toolbar customization” option;
3. An instant highlight issue;
4. Some issues related to locator bar;
5. Pannel layout cannot be saved;
6. Find result pannel cannot be shown sometimes;

2015.09.12 v1.3.0

Added “Locator Bar”;
Bug Fix:
1. Fix a visible range issue: it works not correct when lines wrap;
2. Fix a crash related to multiple search result docker;
3. Cannot go to correct tag position when click the tag in symbol list view;
4. Project tag listview cannot be updated correctly when user inputs a filter;
5. Find result cannot be highlighted when drag the spliter of the find result docker;
6. Fix wrong context menu item icon issue;

2015.04.03 v1.2.0(1636)

1. Added “Customize Toolbar” menu item on toolbar context menu;
2. Added “Export as HTML” for HEX edit mode;
3. Added “Copy as Text”/”Copy as bytes”/”Copy as Html” for HEX edit mode;

Bug Fix:
1. Fix an application hang issue related to line marker;
2. Fix FTP download/upload progress issue;
3. Fix a tab draw issue;
4. Fix focus of edit view lost issue;
5. Fix an external tool related bug;
6. Fix a toolbar draw issue;
7. Fix some menu items(such as “copy”, “cut”…) on contex menu of HEX edit mode not work issue;
8. Fix “Past”/”Cut” issue for HEX edit mode;
9. Fix braces/quotes auto-completion issue;
1. Text can be selected when double clicking on find result view;
2. Minor change for menu draw;
3. Remove “System” skin;
4. Minor change for docking pannel apperence;
2015.02.02 v1.1.1(1609)

Bug Fix:
1. Crash when running “Find/Replace” in some case;
2. Crash if “Find/Replace” dialog is set as docked;
2015.01.26 v1.1.0(1589)

1. Find replace dialog can be docked: “Tools”=>”Options”=>”General”=>”Dock find/replace dialog”
2. FTP: Enable FTP logs;
3. Show menu icons when using “System” skin (only for OS above Vista);
4. Dock panel can be dragged to preferred position or be closed;
5. Added some options to tab:
1)tab position(top/bottom);
2)show close button on file tab;
3)close file with double click;
4)allow drag tab or not;
6. User can added any number of find result window: the find result will be put to current focused window;
7. User can reset panel layout or lock current layout via menu item “Window”=>”Reset panel layout” and “Window”=>”Lock panel layout”
Bug Fix:
1. Fix “msvcr100.dll”/”msvcp100.dll” missing issue on Windows XP;
2. FTP: Cannot resolve the FTP directory link;
1. Remove “System” skin on Windows XP;
2. Move some dock panel related menu items from “View” to “Window”=>”Panels”
2015.01.03 v1.0.2(1554)

1. Enhance “Field auto-completion”: Lexer can configure more than one auto-completion files;
2. Added “Check update automatically” option in “Options” => “General”;
Bug Fix:
1. The selected text cannote be replaced by the regex expression selected from regex context help menu in Find/Replace advance mode;
2. Fix a “Replace” related bug;
3. Wrong parent window was set to some model dialogs;
4. Fix some issues related to auto-completion;
5. Fix “Search All in Current File” not work issue;
6. Fixed wrong menu description for some menu items;
1. Change some control size;
2. Change “Fuzzy match” option for auto-completion to false by default;
3. Change steup script to open history.html automatically after installation;
4. Change setup script to remove limitation(15 items at most) of shell context menu on Win Vista/7/8;
2014.12.27 v1.0.1(1542)

Bug Fix:
1. Cannot locate correct found item from find result docker if the item is hit in the last line of the document and there is no line ending in the last line;
2. Ctags doesn’t work if FavoText is installed in a path with spaces;
3. Line that contains found item cannot be centered when double clicking from find result window;
4. Some parameters cannot be saved correctly in external tools option page;
5. Fix file open issue if the path of file looks like “\\ip address\file path”;
6. Fix “scrolled to the 2nd line” when opening multiple files at one time;
7. Fix file history issue: ignore the oldest ones not the newest ones when the history is over than MRU size;

1. Change lexer option “enable auto indent” to true by default;
2. Add “FavoText” to explorer context menu in setup script;
3. Change the way to display progress dialog when doing “Find Next” in “All Opened Files”;

2014.12.20 v1.0.0(1534)

The initial release.