Poderosa is a terminal emulator which supports telnet, ssh1/ssh2, telnet, x11, serial port and local cygwin login. It also supplies some convenient features like multiple tabs, splittable window, command auto-completion, bookmarks, zmodem and external sftp/scp tools integration etc.



This is not the official website of poderosa project. The version published here was a special version changed/enhanced by me.

The changes/enhancements made by me includes:

  1. Bug fix;
  2. Added password save option;
  3. Added text search from terminal;
  4. Added command console which can send a command to all opened terminals;
  5. Added integration of external sftp/scp tools such as filezilla/winscp;
  6. Added ppen website of the terminal host;
  7. Added favorites panel/toolbar/menu;
  8. Added putty session import;
  9. Added line spacing option;
  10. Enhanced zmodem dialog like SecureCRT;
  11. Enhanced the command auto-completion;
  12. Enhanced tab features like: set tab color, lock tab etc.